How Google reCAPTCHA works

How Google
reCAPTCHA works

You have certainly seen that some sites have a new Captcha robot system where you just have to click on the checkbox. But how does Captcha know that the house was clicked by a human, not a robot?

In fact, it's not a classic Check box but a div inside an iframe. In addition, there is an invisible field that writes a unique value, and this field cannot be loaded by the robot because it does not support Javascript.

However, some robots support Javascript, does this mean that the new Captcha is still vulnerable? Of course not. Clicking the Check box and saving the unique Code in an invisible box is not the only mechanism of protection. Captcha is so sophisticated that it uses many more parameters to determine if a field has been clicked by a human or a robot.

Web Studio NESA Tuzla creates and adjusts this security measure for all its clients with a new web page.


The number of robots as well as hackers is constantly increasing, and thus the possibility of misusing your unsecured contact form to send a large number of SPAM messages is increasing. Unless your contact form is protected by Google reCAPTCHA, it is likely that you will be another in a series of websites that are suspended by hosting providers after an attack to prevent a large number of SPAMs from sending from your domain or website.

Account suspended

You open your web page...
and the page is suspended

As we said earlier, if there is a mass spamming of your SPAM messages through your unsecured contact form, each hosting provider will suspend your account to protect all other pages on their servers.

What are the steps to solve this emerging problem? The first step is to send us access data for your hosting, after which our staff will contact the hosting company and request a temporary suspension for your team to install and set up Google reCAPTCHA on your complete site. After installing this security measure, we monitor the situation on the server for another 24 hours to make sure that the threat of sending SPAM messages is successfully eliminated.


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