Joomla! 4.3.3 Release

Das Joomla!-Projekt freut sich, die Veröffentlichung von Joomla 4.3.3 und 3.10.12 bekannt zu geben. Dies ist eine Bugfix-Veröffentlichung für die 4.x- und 3.x-Serie von Joomla.

Fehlerbehebungen und Verbesserungen mit 4.3.3

Guided tours

  • Missing menu in alternate menu preset
  • Missing note search in search fields

RSS feeds

  • Remove html entities from the title.


  • 'Create article' menu item should not be saved if 'specific category' is enabled and no category has been selected.


  • Language quickicon should link to the language page.
  • Do not show the Quickicon if the associated component is inactive.

Joomla Update

  • Fix URL of Joomla update Help button.


  • child templates: the /media folder should always show, even if no media file or folder is present


  • pagination counter hidden behind pagination on mobile
  • text button should remain visible when focus

Media Manager

  • better cache invalidation (ff there's a modified_date use it (as unix timestamp) else fallback to the existing mediaversion)
  • consider path variable (regression fix)


  • Failed tasks when debug is turned on (sample data installation, json output, quickicons)

Die vollständige Liste auf GitHub ist hier